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contacteer ons via whatsapp: +32 486 52 01 94

Rijopleiding VDVL Asse

Located in the heart of Asse, at the exam center of Mollem

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We help people in a safe way on the road every day

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Office appointments


  • Schedule your appointment at our office here

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Practical lessons
+ examination supervision


  • 2-20 hours of practical lessons
  • Exam supervision
  • Choice between manual or automatic

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Theoretic lessons
12h theoretic lessons


  • Preparation to the theoretic examination
  • Improve your traffic insight
  • Site GOCA

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Formation moment
for supervisors


  • Guidance during training period
  • Practical tips
  • Insight into the learning process

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Instruction video's + examination routes

Increase your chances of success on the driving test by viewing our instructional videos

In addition to the numerous videos explaining the execution of the maneuvers, we also provide a number of videos which show you the possible examination routes along which you will drive during the car exam in the area of Asse - Mollem. These videos alert you to the possible serious violations that can occur during your car exam.

Where can you find us?

Whatsapp: 0486/52.01.94

Contact us be phone at the following number 02/460.00.82

By e-mail you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

location photo

Our driving school is located in the heart of Asse, only about 400m away from the station

At only 200m from our driving school there is free parking space at boekfos , 2nd roundabout in front of the driving school.