Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Area of application

By registering in our office, or by online registration the student declares to have taken knowledge of the general conditions of Driving School-VDVL and to accept them. These general conditions form one entity with the special conditions applicable to the selected training, which the student also declares to have taken note of and accepted.


All training and examination reservations are to be paid in full at the time of registration. All rates are indexable ( adjustable by using the official index of the cost of living )annually and are always adjusted in our system and can also be found in our office as well as on our website.


No refunds will be made (this is also displayed next to our price lists in the office).

Would you like to change something?

  • Driving lessons : to be requested 7 workdays in advance.
  • Driving tests : Should be notified 10 workdays in advance. Within these 10 days it is no longer possible to cancel If cancelled outside the 10 working days an administrative fine of 30? will be charged which we will add to your file.

In case of illness or absence from the driving lesson and or exam, the amount of the lesson and or exam will be charged in full. Doctor's certificates will not be accepted.

Driving School-VDVL has the right to reschedule or cancel classes and practice in case of force majeure (illness of the teacher, defect of a vehicle, weather conditions, additional exams?) without giving rise to any other right to compensation or reimbursement on behalf of the student than a replacement class or practice. The only right the student has in this case is to reschedule these classes. (Workdays means all days in a normal work week, which are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

The amount paid for the administration fee can never be the subject of a refund in the event of cancellation of classes or exams.

Student obligations

It is not allowed to reschedule or cancel classes directly through your instructor, but only through our office 02/460.00.82 during office hours or through SMS or WhatsApp (message) 0486/52.01.94 also outside office hours.

If the student does not appear at the exam or arrives late due to reasons attributable to him, he must pay all the costs of the practical exam (examination supervision and surcharge of the examination centre). Appointments made directly at the examination centre will be transmitted by the office. These hours must be strictly adhered to. If the exam is cancelled because the student could not submit the correct documents, he must pay all the costs of the practical exam (exam supervision and surcharge of the examination centre). If you do not attend a class of practice training for the B license, to which a legal certificate is attached, this class must be made up as well as the cost of the class(es) you missed. At the beginning of the registration, you must correctly inform us of the type of vehicle you wish to drive.

If the driving classes with a manual vehicle are reserved for example for 20h and you wish to change to automatic driving classes during the lessons, we would have to adjust our planning completely, which could lead to later classes in our system which you should consider. Once a reservation for a driving test with a manual vehicle has been made, it cannot be changed to an automatic vehicle.

You must come to the office every time you apply for a (new) driving test.

Appointments for driving tests are never made by telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail. All necessary certificates and driving licenses will be checked again when reserving a driving test. If it turns out that one of these documents is not in order at the time of reservation, the driving test cannot be scheduled, until the documents are brought back in order and presented in the office.

Responsibility Rijopleiding-VDVL

Driving School-VDVL cannot be held responsible if a student is refused at the exam centre because of administrative problems or inaccurate information.

  • for example: Incorrect communication about the number of attempts of the driving test.
  • for example: Not being able to produce a valid ID card or a provisional driving licence.

If you are in doubt about the number of attempts, please check with the examination centre. In case of doubt no examinations will be scheduled and we will wait for you to provide us with the correct information. Driving schools do not have access to the examination centre's system for the details of your driving licence.

As for practical lessons, if the student does not get behind the wheel during trips on public roads, the trips will not be taken into account when calculating the number of lessons. No services other than those for which a rate is specified in the contract may be charged.

Attestation of competence and other attestations

No attestation of competence will be issued by the driving school if the instructor feels that the student is not qualified to continue the training without supervision on public roads. During the scheduled evaluation moments, the trainer will discuss the progress of the instruction with the student. To obtain the attestation of competence, the student must have effectively taken at least 20 hours of driving practice. Which means practice sessions not taken due to absence or illness do not count.